How To Create The Perfect Movie Night At Home

Date night isn't something that only single people get to enjoy. It's a way to create the spark in your relationship and strengthen your connection to each other. What if you can't find a babysitter to watch your crazy hoodlums and allow you to go to the movies together? No worries! Here's how you can create the perfect movie night at home.

Drive In Movie Theater

Have you ever driven to a secluded overlook to watch a movie? We once drove to Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City to watch North & South in the car. (That kiss at the end of the movie is the most tender kiss ever. Try practicing that kiss with your spouse/partner after you've watched the movie.) The view was spectacular, the company was enjoyable, and the price was perfect.

With today's technology, we have the ability to bring our devices anywhere. If you are visiting Tennessee, we've found some great views you can enjoy while you create your own Drive In Movie Theater.

Chilhowee overlook

Tennessee River by the Chickamauga Dam

Lookout Mountain

Backyard Movie Theater

Create your own movie theater in your backyard. We love what one couple did to make watching a movie special for date night. They recreated a movie date from when they were newlyweds. You can create your own cars out of cardboard boxes. Have fun decorating them together and then place them side by side outside. You can drag a TV outdoors or set up a projector. Be sure to make some yummy treats to snack on during the movie.

Living Room Tent

Adventure in your own living room. Don't just sit on the couch. BORING! Build a fort that you can hide under and watch a movie. Create the intrigue of childhood and bring the spark back into your relationship.

List of our FAVORITE movies

  1. North and South

  2. Shazam

  3. White Christmas

  4. Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2

  5. The Princess Bride

  6. Sweet Home Alabama

  7. Hitch

  8. So I Married an Axe Murderer

  9. Somewhere In Time

  10. Some Kind of Wonderful

Other Date Night Ideas

Ready to get out of the house and have a custom date night? Check out the Scavenger Hunts With a Twist and a Private Dinner Party with your own personal chef. Book us now to create your 12 Month Custom Date Nights!

Don't want to travel or leave your home, then check out Date Night Boxes. Custom boxes and themed boxes available: Mystery Date Night Box, Retro-Game Night Box, and Gears of Time Date Night Box are just a sampling.

We love this Mountain Romantic Getaway because it includes couple's massage, chocolate covered strawberries, a Jacuzzi tub with an overlook of the mountains. We know you'll like that it's private and includes a 3 Course Gourmet Breakfast.

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