Make Your Senior's Prom An EPIC Experience They Will Always Remember!

With everything that is going on in the world, the biggest struggle are the emotions that come from social distancing and quarantine. The Senior class of 2020 has missed out on many milestones. I want to admit that 25 years ago I missed out on my graduation because I was away at college. Out of 36 in my class, 18 of us graduated early and moved on with our lives. I don't regret missing out on Senior Prom because I was busy going to dances on-campus and enjoying college life. I am thankful for the memories from my Junior Prom. Now that was an EPIC, once in a lifetime experience that I will always remember.

Our school held an After-Prom that was amazing. It started at midnight and went until 5am. There were snacks and drinks, bungee balling, games, gambling tables, and prizes to be won. After-Prom was by far better than Prom. A few weeks before my name was drawn to receive a limo ride to Prom and After-Prom. I persuaded my older brother to bring his friend and I brought a friend and we went out on the town before After-Prom. We dressed up in our dresses and suits, ate at a nice restaurant, and then we just drove around in the limo. It was cool. We were having the time of our lives.

I remember driving through the drive-thru to order waters. (Don't mock us for our silliness, we were having fun.) Then we would come to a stop light, roll down our window, get the other driver to do the same, and then we'd shout, "Do you have any Grey Poupon? Drive ON!" Then we would laugh hysterically as we rolled the window up. I took pictures of us all evening as we drove around town because I wanted to remember this evening.

For those of you that never experienced film camera's, you'll never know the pain, embarrassment, frustration of realizing that you didn't advance the film or you can't advance the camera further because you've used up all the film. Well........

The next morning I opened the camera to discover that I had NO film. I had taken pictures all evening and I had NOTHING to show for it. No pictures in our dresses. No pictures in the limo. No pictures at After-Prom. No pictures of our dinner.

Aargh!! Are you kidding me?! At least I have the memories.

That experience of driving in the limo was more fun to me because I had good friends to laugh with and cut up over the silliest things. I honestly don't remember much else about the evening, but I do remember how much fun we had together. That's what High School is all about- memories.

Create Your Own EPIC Experience

We'd like to help you create an Epic After-Prom experience for your Senior and their friends. We've made it so you won't have to do any planning other than booking your event. Consult with us on your likes, dislikes, dreams, and desires and we'll take the evening to EPIC proportions.

Scavenger Hunt With A Twist For 8 People

Here's what your experience includes:

  • 3 hour Limo ride for up to 8 people

  • Limo Driver (includes gratuity)

  • Pizza for 8

  • Snacks

  • Drinks (fancy, but not alcoholic)

  • Dessert

  • Activity (Photo Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Chattanooga- be sure to charge your phone so there are photos at the end.)

  • Priceless experiences for your Senior and their friends

Book Now!

You may not be able to go to Prom and the dinner beforehand, but we can provide an experience that you'll talk about for years in the comfort of your own home.

Private Chef Dinner for 8 People

  • Private Chef (You choose from a menu)

  • Dinner

  • Drinks

  • Dessert

  • China and elegant glasses (If you don't already have china, we can provide them to you for the evening.)

  • Murder Mystery, Dance Party, Masked Dinner (We customize the activity according to your wants.)

  • Invitations

  • Need decorations- we can provide that too, just tell us your theme!

Book Now!

We look forward to customizing your experience, so that 25 years from now you'll be telling others about the year that Senior Prom was canceled, but you didn't care because you experienced the most EPIC Date Night EVER!

Just be sure to bring your camera!

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