20 Exotic Destination Dates You Can Do At Home

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Quarantine taken away the spark in your marriage? Stopped having fun together? We've scoured the internet for the PERFECT exotic destinations you can see together on a date at home. Watch the videos and then create the experience at home together and bring back the FUN in your relationship.


You may not be able to fly to Corsica and take a boat ride around the island of Corisca, but you can view breath taking views of the white cliffs, sandy beaches, and clear blue water. Make this an evening to remember by creating your own boat getaway with cardboard boxes and pillows on a screen outside.

Yellowstone National Park

After watching the hot springs at Yellowstone National park, you may want to jump in the hot tub with your honey and enjoy some sweet moments together.

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You definitely don't need a passport to view the ruins and mountain views in Peru. If you aren't a hiker, but you enjoy seeing gorgeous mountain scenery, then you don't want to miss this video showing you the break taking views of Peru. You may get the travel bug after watching these amazing scenes.

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Taking the train while in Switzerland is definitely the way to go because you will see the countryside full of mountain cliffs, green meadows, and walk the mountain bridge. You'll still catch your breath while hang gliding even though it's virtual.

India Taj Mahal

While watching this video, you may want to pair it with the food experience and make curry together. Check out Yummly's site for a curry recipe that you can try together while experiencing India together at home.


You may not want to try Haggis while experiencing Scotland at home, but maybe porridge is more your style. You can make the Full Scottish breakfast at home and create fun memories with your spouse or partner.


Have fun creating digital photos of you having a great time in London together, while never leaving your home. Find the perfect digital background on Etsy. We really love this Cherry Blossom lane by the Thames. Can you imagine walking hand in hand down that lane? So


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After watching this video of Sardinia, which is off the coast of Italy, you may have a desire to get into your swimsuit and stick your toes in the sand. Want to create a sandy beach at home?

  • Fill up the bathtub or hop into the hot tub and play these soothing ocean sounds while imagining that you are on the beach in Sardinia.

  • Create a fun drink to sip together while lounging in deck chairs.

  • Be sure to try these fun tips on kissing from The Art of Kissing. It'll be sure to spice up your beach experience. You may want to try The Underwater Kiss for this beach experience. Definitely try them all out on all of your dates.

New Zealand

What's for dinner that brings you the taste of New Zealand? Try the Kiwi Beef or the Hoki Fish with Parmesean Crust. Experience the country of New Zealand while watching the breathtaking landscape.


You may not be able to eat an Ostrich egg, but find some chicken eggs and make breakfast in bed for your honey. Linger over each other and learn about the different animals in Africa. If you need a little more action, then pretend to be a monkey and try the Upside Down Kiss from the book The Art of Kissing by William Cane.


Experience the Hawaiian islands by grilling up some pineapple and making some amazing Hawaiian pulled pork. Put some Tiki torches outside and eat under the stars. You don't need to be in Hawaii to create the romance that you are craving.

Check out these other exotic countries and videos of the amazing views of their countries. We'd love for you to share pictures of your destination inspired date nights on social media. Be sure to tag us @SouthernRomanticGetaways on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtag #quarantinedatenightideas.

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