Speak Your Partner's Love Language

Love must be felt in order to feel fulfilled in your relationship. In order to feel it, you must receive it in your Love Language. If you receive love through gifts and your partner gives love through service, you may actually feel dissatisfied in your relationship.

Part of loving your partner is seeking to understand who they are and meeting their needs. If you haven't discovered what their Love Language is, then spend time this week to take the Love Language quiz. It may surprise you that you've been giving love to your partner and they aren't feeling love from you because you aren't speaking their language.

Let's talk about ways that you can meet the Love Language of your spouse/partner. If you want to learn more about the 5 Love Languages, then download a copy of the ebook.

Quality Time

It's your special anniversary and your spouse/partner just wants to BE with you. If you are looking for ideas on what to do to just BE together, then check out our 25 Quarantine Date Night Ideas and book a Custom Weekend Getaway.

We guarantee their hearts will be soaring because they are receiving love from you in the Love Language that they speak.

Book a Balloon Ride for an amazing romantic evening. This might score you big time brownie points on the memorable experiences list.

Acts of Service

Your partner loves it when you fold the laundry or wash the dishes. They will practically sing when you take the garbage out. If you are wondering on how to do it right, here are a few tips for you to help you with acts of service if it's not your natural Love Language.

  • Make the bed every morning.

  • If you aren't handy, then hire a handy man to finish that Honey Do list that's been bugging them.

  • Mow the lawn (you get credit if you supervise a child doing it too.)

For 20 years my father didn't know that making the bed was so important to his Acts of Service wife. For 20 years it irritated her that the bed wasn't made after he got out of bed after her. One day it dawned on him and he began to make the bed. Suddenly she was a different person because she felt his love. That simple act to him was a HUGE act for her because it was him showing love to her. He's been making the bed for 30 years now.

Physical Touch

Schedule a couples massage and learn the techniques to relax your spouse/partner who craves that Physical Touch. Be sure to add in love pats, sweet kisses, and lingering embraces to meet the need of your spouse/partner.

Here's a beginner's guide to giving your spouse/partner a foot massage.

We'd love to hear your success stories on social media. Tag @SouthernRomanticGetaways and let us know how you enjoyed your massage and how it filled your Physical Touch Love Language.

As a part of our concierge services, we can book a couple's massage for you during your Custom Southern Romantic Getaway.

Gift Giving

Be sure to adjust your monthly budget to meet the Love Language of your Gift Giving spouse/partner because they have a need to buy gifts for others, but they also need to receive gifts in order to feel loved. For those non-gift giving people out there, I'm sure you are wondering, "What in the world should I get them?" Here are a few suggestions:

Flower of the Month Club - Send them beautiful flowers every single month. You don't have

to spend the time picking out the perfect flowers because the Flower of the Month Club will do it for you. Can you imagine their squeal of delight when your spouse/partner receives flowers?

If your Gift Giver is a man, then consider the other Monthly Club gifts.

My gift giving husband really loved these ideas. I better get a move on and put these into action.

Remember that simple gifts mean the world to a Gift Giver.

Words of Affirmation

Each of us speak different dialects, but there are universal words for someone that is a Words of Affirmation Love Language. Here are a few suggestions to help fill your spouse/partner's cup.

Define What's Enough

Here's one big takeaway that I learned from Dr John Lund. Define Enough when it comes to receiving love. Remember that it can be difficult to speak another person's language. For any one that speaks Spanish and isn't a native speaker, it requires a great deal of brain power to focus on what is being said, how it's being said, and what is meant during all of this speaking. It's mentally exhausting.

If you expect your spouse to speak your Love Language all the time and you don't Define Enough, it will be mentally exhausting for them. Be sure you allow them to slip back into their Love Language and speak theirs for a while.

If you are a Physical Touch Love Language, then tell your spouse/partner, "I need 30 min of Physical Touch to have my cup filled today." Then you need to be satisfied with that amount of time and truly be satisfied. Frustration ensues when you don't clearly state your need because they can't read your mind.

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