The Adventure Challenge Date Night-Bringing Fun Back

We've been looking for fun date night ideas to do as a couple that create spontaneity and fun into our relationship. We don't want dating to be a chore, plus after 9 years we had gotten in a rut. Southern Romantic Getaways would like to share with you a fun date night book that has brought back the FUN in dating.

The Adventure Challenge Book

I was so excited about our first date night challenge. We love to cook together, but with 3 kids under 8, we have just stopped cooking together. When we were first married we would make dinner together. It never felt like a chore because we were spending time together. Our love languages were being met and we loved just being together.

Somehow with three kids being added to the mix, we lost that FUN in the kitchen. It's been a chore to make dinner and dessert has been the last thing on our minds because it's just another thing to do.

We really liked that we could do this first date night at home because we didn't have to hire a babysitter. We made sure the kids were good and tired and we put them to bed early, so we could have alone time.

The Back Story

I was excited to scratch off this first date night. First of all, there's a back story to making pies in our relationship. We met on September 3rd, 2010 at a single's conference in Orlando, FL. He lived in Tennessee and I lived in Kansas, but originally from Illinois. We hit it off at the conference and he invited me to stop in to go on a date as I traveled back through Chattanooga on my way to visit my parents in Illinois.

My first thoughts were, "He's either super creepy or really cool." I opted to take a chance on him.

That following Tuesday after I visited Epcot, I drove up to visit him. He took me out for Chinese dinner and we went swimming in his pool. I was bragging about my pie making skills, because they are renowned. He saucily says, "Are you as good a kisser as you are a pie maker?" I responded, "Did you want to find out?" He did not waste any time in finding out.

Now, let me interject here. I had only kissed one other guy before him, so I have no idea why I was so bold as to invite him for a kiss after his saucy question. I must add, he was a pretty good kisser and he thought I was too. We married 7 months later.

Ring designed by Epperson's Custom Jewelers in Cleveland, TN.

So, when we scratched off this date, it was like reliving our first date together!

I'm excited for the other date ideas in The Adventure Challenge Book because I wonder what emotions, connections, and adventures it will take us on. I know it will bring the FUN back into our marriage.

If you are looking for some good pie recipes, here's a few I've made that are amazing: Fresh Strawberry Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and Chantal's New York Cheesecake. Although the last one isn't a pie per se, it's highly sought after by my family and friends.

Here's my pie crust tips: buy the Pillsbury pie crust in the refrigerator section. Don't EVER buy the generic. It's worth the extra $1 to get Pillsbury. I've tried the generic and it ruined the pie. Here's my tip for the cheesecake: eggs and cream cheese must be room temperature. I make my cheesecake at night. After it bakes for the hour, I turn off the oven and leave it in there over night. I also put a pan of water underneath while it bakes. Seriously, best cheesecake ever. For apple pie tips, I use tapioca instead of flour to thicken. It just makes it better. I just use the recipe on the side of the Pillsbury box for apple pie. (There's my secrets.)

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