Top 10 European Romantic Getaways

Are you ready to plan your 10 year anniversary trip? It's time to make time for each other and rejuvenate your relationship. Marriage needs the best of us and being alone helps us to reconnect with each other. We've found 10 locations in Europe that will certainly bring romance back into your marriage. Check them out!


Rent this cozy cottage in Bavaria for a week. Enjoy the amazing food, beautiful countryside, and relax in the hot tub. Book here>>>> Bavaria


Nothing says romance like this windmill in Germany. We love the adventure that awaits. Book here>>>>> Germany


A private getaway in Italy may be just the thing to bring back the spark in your relationship. Bask in the sun in this villa on an island just off the coast of Italy. Book here>>>> Italy


Enjoy walks along the beach and discover that being alone is enjoyable. Your relationship deserves a recharge on this gorgeous island in England. Book here>>>> England


A quiet breakfast in the courtyard of this home will help you to reconnect after the hustle and bustle of daily life ceases during your romantic getaway. Book here>>>> Pershore, England


This location in France has plenty of adventure and history to visit. Old castles and mountains will give you plenty of places to capture memories with your camera. Book here >>>> France


This private getaway in Germany will certainly heat things up with a hot tub and sauna on site. You may not even want to leave the house. Book here>>>> Germany


Triple hit of the romance with the ocean, stone home, and Italy for a huge romantic getaway win. If you are going to spice up the relationship, may as well do it in a romantic location. Book here >>>> Italy


Who is ready for some French pastries and views like this for miles? Book here>>>> France


Sailing, boating, and relaxing in hammocks are just a few activities you can do together near the ocean in France. Book here>>> France


Gorgeous views from this German countryside will be sure to recharge your passion for each other. We love the country in Germany because it's full of hidden churches and castles just around a bend. We couldn't resist adding an extra location because, well check out this amazing house, you will see why we included it. Book here >>>> Germany

We hope you are able to find the perfect romantic getaway that will help strengthen your relationship for many years to come. If you love these 10 romantic getaways in Europe, join our email list for future romantic getaways around the world. (We'll even send you 25 Date Night Ideas to help strengthen your marriage.)

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